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"headers" Example

<head><Title>Example For headers</Title></head>
<table width="450">
      <th id="hdr1">Item Number</th>
      <th id="hdr2">Item Name</th>
      <th id="hdr3">Item Description</th>
      <td headers="hdr2">cell</td>
      <td headers="hdr1">cell</td>
      <td headers="hdr3">cell</td>

headers is applied to

| Applied_To     |<td>                            <th>                          |

"headers" Syntax and Note

This attribute specifies a list of <th> elements. 
The value can be the id attribute of a single <th>
It can also be a space-separated list of <th> elements. 
This attribute is useful in associating a cell to a column header 
based on the id attribute instead of the position or order in 
which it appears in the HTML code.
<element headers="value"> . . . </element>