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"hreflang" Example

<head><Title>Example For hreflang</Title></head>
<a href="" hreflang="en-us">

hreflang is applied to

| Applied_To     |<a>                             <link>                        |

hreflang Possible Values

Possible Values
Common Language Codes 
Code       Language 
ca         Catalan
is         Icelandic
cs         Czech 
it         Italian 
da         Danish
ja         Japanese
nl         Dutch
ko         Korean
en         English
lv         Latvian
en-us      English (USA)
lt         Lithuanian
en-gb      English (G.B.)
no         Norwegian
fi         Finnish
pl         Polish
fr         French
pt         Portuguese
fr-be      French (Belgium)
ro         Romanian
de         German
ru         Russian
de-at      German (Austria)
es         Spanish
el         Greek
es-ar      Spanish (Argentina)
he         Hebrew
sv         Swedish
hi         Hindi
sv-fi      Swedish (Finland)
hu         Hungarian
tr         Turkish

"hreflang" Syntax and Note

Sets the base language specified in the href attribute.
Use it only in href element. 
<element hreflang="value"> . . . </element>