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"rowspan" Example

<head><Title>Example For rowspan</Title></head>
<table border="1">
      <th height="79" rowspan="2">Cell 1</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 2</th>
      <th height="79" rowspan="3">Cell 3</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 4</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 5</th>
      <th height="79" rowspan="3">Cell 7</th>
      <th height="79" rowspan="2">Cell 9</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 10</th></tr>
      <th height="79">Cell 6</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 11</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 12</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 8</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 13</th>
      <th height="79">Cell 14</th>

rowspan is applied to

| Applied_To     |<td>                            <th>                          |

"rowspan" Syntax and Note

Its integer value determines how many table rows a cell can span.
<element rowspan="value"> . . . </element>