JavaScript Tutorial/Event/Custom Event

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Create your own event

<TITLE>An event of my own!</TITLE>
function FormData (name, text1, text2) { = name;
   this.text1 = text1;
   this.text2 = text2;
FormData.prototype.toString = function () {
function on_Same () {
   alert("The two values are the same!");
function check_Same() {
   if (this.text1 == this.text2) {
FormData.prototype.checkSame = check_Same;
FormData.prototype.onSame = on_Same;
function createFormData (name, text1, text2) {
   var x = new FormData (name, text1, text2);
Name your object:<input type=text name="txtName">
Enter first text:<input type=text name="txtFirst">
Enter second text:<input type=text name="txtSecond">
<input type=button value="Do It!"
   onClick="createFormData (txtName.value, txtFirst.value, txtSecond.value);">