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Apache Variables

Variable              Description
DOCUMENT_ROOT         Document root
HTTP_ACCEPT           Accept header of an HTTP request 
HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING  Accepted encoding (deflate or gzip)
HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE  Accept-Language from HTTP header
HTTP_CONNECTION       Connection header of the HTTP request
HTTP_HOST             Internet host
HTTP_USER_AGENT       Client initiating web request
PATH                  Directories the server looks 
REMOTE_ADDR           Address of the client
REMOTE_PORT           Port of client 
SCRIPT_FILENAME       Absolute path of script
SERVER_ADDR           Server"s address
SERVER_ADMIN          Admin of server
SERVER_NAME           Server name set
SERVER_PORT           Port the web server is running on
SERVER_SIGNATURE      Version of the server software
SERVER_SOFTWARE       Server"s identification string, found in HTTP header
GATEWAY_INTERFACE     Version of the CGI spec used
SERVER_PROTOCOL       Protocol server is currently using
REQUEST_METHOD        Request method, such as GET, PUT, POST, etc.
QUERY_STRING          Query string if one exists
REQUEST_URI           Uniform Resource Identifier 
SCRIPT_NAME           Path and name for the current script
PATH_TRANSLATED       Absolute path on the web server"s file system
PHP_SELF              Location of PHP script relative to document root