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BCMath Functions

Name             Description
bcadd()          Adds two numbers
bccomp()         Compares two numbers
bcdiv()          Divides two numbers
bcmod()          Calculates the remainder with the division of two numbers
bcmul()          Multiplies two numbers
bcpow()          Raises one number to the power of another
bcpowmod()       Raises one number to the power of another, raised by the specified modulus
bcscale()        Sets the default scale for all BCMath functions
bcsqrt()         Calculates the square root of a number
bcsub()          Subtracts two numbers
$a = 1.123;
$b = 2.345;
$c = bcadd($a, $b);
echo "$c\n";
$c = bcadd($a, $b, 1);
echo "$c\n";

Doing math with the bcmath extension

$a = bcmul(3.5, bcpow(10, 406));
$b = bcmul(2.8, bcpow(10, 406));
$a_squared = bcpow($a, 2);
$b_squared = bcpow($b, 2);
$hypotenuse = bcsqrt(bcadd($a_squared, $b_squared));
print $hypotenuse;